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Fran spent 32 successful years as a radio host/producer/writer in Los Angeles & San Francisco doubling and tripling the ratings at her last two stations taking both to #1 where they remained for the length of her stay. Both stations' ratings fell precipitously upon her departure.

Like almost a thousand other media professionals, her career ended in early 2002 after several months of telling her listeners (in the wake of 9/11) that despite the American media's fear-mongering, there were, in fact, no terrorists under their beds, no Anthrax in their mailboxes, and no scary dark people trying to steal their children from school! Telling listener's to "Follow the Money" was not part of the corporate media's narrative and her career like many others', ended shortly thereafter.

Unable to return to radio, she dove into the Silicon Valley non-profit community…at risk seniors and animals mostly. She was a church secretary for three years and even sold shoes at the mall going from hundred thousand dollar DJ to $10/hr shoe sales. These were difficult times as she was also trying to save her marriage, her home, and raise a young stepson.

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In 2005 she returned to college to learn how to take a lifetime of radio and TV production and turn it into multimedia web development. Shortly afterward, she joined the media production department of a Silicon Valley based high tech multinational corporation producing audio, video, Flash and graphic design content. Things were looking up.

But in the Fall of 2007, following the death of her mother and the end of her marriage, she realized that after 32 years on the West Coast it was time for a new adventure. “There’s a lot of candy left in this piñata” she often said, so in July of 2008, after being raised in New York City, high-schooled in Phoenix, AZ, with 10 years in Hollywood and another 24 in San Francisco, she moved to a tiny village of 5000 people in the beautiful Texas Hill Country about 35 miles Northwest of Austin!

Here she continued working for the multinational until the crash of ’09 when they brought all their outside contract work in house, and it was at this time Fran decided to focus ALL her energy on the non-profit community, ie: churches, theatre arts groups, at-risk seniors etc. As a woman of faith, she’s clearly comfortable with the premise that feeding at risk seniors in her little village is of far greater value than playing “Smoke on the Water” on the radio for the bajillionth time!

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So after a long and lucrative radio career, followed by another ten years in corporate multimedia web development, Fran is now officially "Retired" and busies herself running the local radio station and mixing the rockin’ praise band at the largest church in town, as well as an 80 voice choir in the brand new, state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. She ran the local senior center for three years, and does audio-video production, multimedia web development, and graphic design for many of the local church, non-profit and theatre arts groups, as well as the occasional commercial project if it looks like fun.

She retired her old Flash based, media rich website in the Spring of 2016 because frankly, it was just no longer relevant, though it was certainly a compellingly entertaining cacophony of user interactive audio/video/flash content. Fran is a small town Texas gal now, and she’s lovin' it!